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Self-discipline is the ability to force yourself to do something to get results. Without self-discipline, the necessary things will not be started or will not be completed.

Discipline gives freedom. Your actions are dictated by the mind and not from moods, desires, and passion. This kind of control helps to sacrifice temporary pleasure in favor of significant things in life.

So how do we strengthen self-discipline and where do we start?

The beginning of everything is psychological preparation. Without faith, you are doomed to failure. The desire for the changes is usually the weakest one because we hardly believe that we can change ourselves. Great thing to start with is self-analysis. Don't try to change behavior, before you haven't changed own vision of yourself.

Self-knowledge: You must understand which behavior better reflects your goals and values.

Here are some samples to help you to realize values:

  • What values does your family hold?
  • What values do I want to pass along to my children?
  • What are my most significant accomplishments?
  • What are my greatest failures? 
  • What do I want to achieve for life?

After defining the primary values, you need to test them. Think of a situation where following your values hurts you rather than helps. For example, you want to be self-employed, but at the same time, you don't want to have many responsibilities and work far away more than 40 hours per week. Here you face a dilemma between two values: be self-employed and live a comfortable life without responsibilities and stress.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny."

Next step is to determine your current level of discipline, and only after that, we can start to think about the next step, which is the creation of a self-improvement plan.

Self-discipline training is similar to muscle training. To achieve success in the gym, you need to know how strong you are at the current moment. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to select an appropriate training system and rather choose a very strong or weak exercise program.

Here is the list of questions, that will help you to understand at what level of self-discipline you are at the moment:

Do you take a shower every day?
Do you wake up at the same time?
Are you overweight?
Do you have any addictions?
Is your house clean?
Do you keep promises?
How often do you play sports?
Do you write down your goals and ways to achieve them?
How much time do you spend watching TV or scrolling social networks?
Do you have loans or debts?

After answering these questions rate your level of discipline on a scale of 1-10.

Next, identify areas where your self-discipline is weak and develop the discipline training program.

For example, if you usually wake up at 9:00, instead try to get up at 08.00 and take a cold shower. Or if it feels too difficult, then try to wake up just 30 minutes earlier. The point is to do it every day and make it a habit. Small everyday victories build character. 

Consistent timing - by setting special time for activities and repeating them, you are making the habits and start to function automatically. Our brain loves routines, use it! By getting everyday healthy routine habits, you get one step closer to success. Just repeat over and over again, and you will see how it will get easier for you.

Your behavior will begin to be in harmony with goals and values.

Give yourself a promise to complete whatever you started and set a deadline for achieving your goal.


Internal dialogue

The voice talking inside your head is called inner speech, and you can hear it when you're thinking or reading. It can either strengthen or pull you away from your aim. Instead of criticism, start programming yourself on the actions you need.
Whenever you notice that your inner voice is once again criticizing you, say STOP. You can even say it out loud. It will stop the constant flow of negative thoughts, and you will have time to reprogram yourself on a more positive wave.

Repeat some positive affirmations.

Here are some examples:
1. No matter what comes my way, I can do it;
2. Everything will work out for me;
3. There is nobody better to get the job done than me;
4. Even outside my comfort zone, I will be comfortable in my own skin;
5. I'm not my mistakes;
6. I will continue to learn and grow;
7. I am powerful, confident, and capable of achieving my goals.


Time to plan

Achieving big plans can take a lot of time. Little by little, you will get closer to it.
After planning the main goal, decide which small steps should be taken every day to achieve the aim.

Will power will help to achieve goals without turning away.

Willpower and perseverance are the power that will keep you on the path to achieving the goal after enthusiasm will be gone.


Find a mentor

It will be easier to continue moving in the right direction if you create certain conditions that help and motivates. Protect yourself from temptations and distractions or take part in a club where people around you have similar values and goals.

Need something more motivational? Then what about the system of penalties for not doing the planned works? The main thing is that it would motivate and lead to the realization of the self-discipline plan.

Keep looking for inspiration every day.

"If you can dream it, you can do it."   Walt Disney

  • Draw your progress. When you’re working towards something, it can be really motivating if you can see evidence that you’re making progress
  • Use rewards. Promise yourself some sort of reward each time you complete a task.
    (Here are some examples)

Use Youtube motivation channels. Here are some of them:

1. Mateusz M
2. Tony Robbins
3. Absolute Motivation
4. Eric Thomas
5. Brian Tracy 
6. Robin Sharma 
7. Be Inspired
8. Motivation Grid 
9. Brendon Burchard 
10. FightMediocrity

Changing yourself is one of the hardest tasks from all, but no doubts it is worth it. You can choose to grow in any direction. And if you take the right steps, you will change your life in any way that you desire. You are making yourself, stop being just a result of circumstances and become somebody you always wanted to be.
Don't forget to share your win story with others, to initiate changes in their own lives.


If you have any thoughts about this article we'd be really keen to hear your comments. Share your views in the comments box below.


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"Self-Discipline: Personal Growth" by Michael Wilson, Eugene Tarasov, et al.

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