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Passive exercise equipment

Passive exercise equipment

Passive Exercise Machines for Weight Loss 

That is the idea of passive exercise equipment, a fitness trend based on the idea that you can do nothing and still work out, or let’s say that the equipment will do everything for you. All You need is to take a seat and let the magic begin! 

is it really so simple?   

Do passive exercise machines work?

Well, let’s dive into this topic and find all the answers, and even more! 

There is a big range of different passive exercise machines on the market:  vibration machines, chi-machines, electronic ab stimulators, electric buttock muscle stimulators and many more. 

Electric Muscle Stimulators

What is Electric Muscle Stimulator and how it works? A simple electrical device that works with built-in electrodes. By sending an electrical impulse to the muscles in order to create muscle contractions. Such machines really work and can burn fat anywhere they are going to be used. However, the user must not have any chronic illness, trauma or other health factors otherwise this kind of workout can cause health problems.

Also keep in mind than when working with this type of muscle stimulator, that human behaviour or habits will still stay the same. As a result, sooner or later the excess weight will come back. For having a long-term effect, you need to change behaviour – otherwise, the excess weight will come back.  

This kind of machines are divided into several types. The simplest of these affect a certain part of the body. More complex and expensive work through several body zones at once. Therefore, before buying, you should determine for yourself why you want to buy such a stimulator at all? Whether as a major tool for body shaping at home, as a therapeutic tool or just want to get rid of belly fat. 

Electric Muscle Stimulator types

The simplest Electric Muscle Stimulators are paired electronic pads. They have the advantage of affordable price, ease of use and mobility. However, their weaknesses are a weak energy source or battery. If you want to buy such a stimulator, choose a model that has different workout programs and has a powerful battery.

If You would like to get a faster effect, you should consider buying more expensive models. Such a machine can work on several different muscle groups at once. This means that you can achieve the desired result faster. In addition, this kind of Muscle Stimulator often works with a remote controller and has different programs of intensities, that make training more pleasant and enjoyable.



Whole-Body Vibration Machines or WBV

It is also called as "Power Plate" exercise. With whole-body vibration, you stand, sit or lie on a machine with a vibrating platform. As an example, All You should do is just stand on the platform with knees bent at about a 30-degree angle, while the surface beneath your feet vibrates approximately 30 times per second. This vibration stimulates some hormones and muscles contractions. As benefits of whole body vibration machine workout, you will get increased circulation, muscle strength, better flexibility and faster muscle recovery after a workout. Hole-body vibration should also reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production for better skin. Because whole-body vibration can be harmful in some situations, check with your doctor before using it, especially if you're pregnant or have any health problems.


Chi Machines

This type of workout is very similar to whole-body vibration technique, the main difference is that the moving and shaking goes on while you are lying down.  The benefits of using Chi passive leg exercise machine are supposed to include improved metabolism, muscle relaxation, some kind of weight reduction and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This kind of machines would be great for Persons with reduced mobilityChi machines are used for people with chronic muscle and nerve pain, since they stimulate circulation and helps to bring balance to the flow of energy throughout the body. But anyway, before considering to buy this kind of stimulators, you should talk with your doctor. 

All this kind of stimulators are great as an addition for a regular workout routine. However, you should keep in mind that these devices just help you to reach your aim. Consider your goals and remember that the best for fat loss is regular activity and a healthy diet.


You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other exercise or nutrition program to determine if it is right for your needs. 

Thank You for reading this article. If you have any thoughts about this article, we'd be really keen to hear your comments. Share your views in the comments box below.   

If you have any thoughts about this article we'd be really keen to hear your comments.  
Share your views in the comments box below. 


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