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Inner peace

Inner peace

Opening your eyes as a reaction on a buzzing alarm clock and trying to get up, while all kind of thoughts starts spinning around in your head. Maybe just today I skip breakfast and sleep a little longer? Should I hit the gym before workday? Which way do you choose to go?

Every day we make choices between the right way and easy way. Life is made of options.
The question is what kind of choices we make and where are they leading us.
If you want to change the current situation, you need to change yourself first. It's easy to understand, but hard to achieve.


“The only battle to win is the battle within, that place where we realize that we deserve to have and
create all that we want in our lives.”   Ali Vincent

There is almost no limitation to what we can achieve if aspiration for a goal becomes a part of our everyday lives.

The first step is making ourselves believe that we are capable of achieving the goal. So how can I make myself think that I can reach it?

Here is one exciting technique I found and would like to share with you. The main point is to make it a habit.

The first point is that you should briefly formulate your intention. The second part is, you have to repeat it to yourself all over again till it will become your habit. For example, you want to quit smoking? Just start to remind yourself about this aim every day, do it with passion and emotions and don't stop till you succeed. Sounds simple, why don't you try? Till you are doing this with passion and feelings, you are getting closer to the achievement.

Repeated intention becomes a habit that will arise in your head in different situations and guide your behavior.

While being on your way, it is essential to gain inner power, especially when you start to face difficulties.
Doubts and fears that are coming from inside you are your worst enemies. This for I am sharing the
breathing technique I found in Chade-Meng-Tan book "Search Inside Yourself."

Concentration training is a straightforward, but powerful method, that can help taking control over your mind to cut all negative thoughts and stay in confident mood in any situations. What else could you dream about?

This super powerful, life-changing technique can be described in two words: breath consciously. Can you imagine how simple that is! And you can't even make a mistake here. Brilliant!
You should sit in any comfortable position and start to concentrate on breathing and do it at least for 2
minutes every day. Whenever you find your mind shifting on random thoughts, you should start all over
again. Try to clear your mind and hold your concentration on breathing. Focus on cold feeling around
your nostrils while you are inhaling and on warmness while exhaling.

This simple technique is training for two parts of your mind. The first is that you will start to take control of your thoughts. I'm not talking about control over what will appear in your head. I'm talking about your choice of holding some thoughts or pushing them away and getting mind clear.
This process is similar to weight lifting; after any lifting, your muscles get stronger. Here is the same
story, after you notice that you are losing concentration and start thinking about something, just come
back to the cooling exhales and warm inhales.

The second part is that with this exercise you are training your Meta attention, which is awareness of the attentional process. It is the ability to realize that your focus has disappeared. Meta attention is the primary key for concentration, which allows you to achieve a concentrated and relaxed brain that  will enable you to stay calm and think clearly in any hard situation. 

The breathing technique is one of the ways, how to separate yourself from your emotions and obtain a calm and relaxed mind. That kind of brain will grant you access to the "control panel" of your feelings, and therefore choosing between an easy way and a hard way won't be depending on your emotions anymore. 

If you have any thoughts about this article we'd be really keen to hear your comments. Share your views in the comments box below.


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