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I promise it was the last time!

I promise it was the last time!


How many times you have promised yourself, not to do something, and you did? We make promises to others all the time and we feel very guilty when we break them, but when it comes to pledges that we make with ourselves, we are quick to let them go.

It is difficult to get rid of a habit that gives you pleasure, even after realizing its harmful effects.
Previously I wrote about Will Power, that should support and help us in our daily life, but sometimes it is not enough to overcome our habits or addictions, so what else can we do?

You will learn to:

Mechanism of addiction

When You act as an addicted person, your body is injecting a large amount of dopamine into your blood per second. It can be made by a smoking cigar, drinking beer or watching porn.
Once You get addicted and felt high feelings due to some pathogens, your dopamine receptors will lose its sensitivity and you will stop feeling the joy of small pleasures. Watching movies, hanging with a friend and all other kinds of activities will no longer give You the same feeling of happiness as before. It is like after the nervous system has lost its sensitivity, all colors disappeared from our everyday life.

Later previous pleasure stimulators will lose its power and the addicted person will be forced to find a ways for stronger stimulation possibilities.

Before we will go further you should be aware, that if you have more than one addiction you should work with all of them, because if you will get rid just from one of them, the second one will get stronger.

9 of the World’s Most Common Addictions:

  • Tobacco addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • Painkillers addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Internet addiction

Ways to Keep Promises

1. Decide once and for all.

Why are You doing it? Is it for your health, wellness or might be religion? No matter what the reason is, You should make it clear and write it down.

2. Find some support!

I think one of the main reasons for quitting promises, is that no one knows about them except you. First thing is to find support from someone else. Find somebody to force and support you.
Keep everyday diary!

3. The most powerful method to get rid of habits or addictions is to keep diary.

Work with diary

You should everyday analyze your behaviour, habits or addictions. Try to find out, what are those triggers that make you act one or another way? What places should You avoid, at what time your addiction gets stronger and why?

Here are some bullets to check:

  • When You start to feel urge of addiction, write down your feeling. What do You feel and where do You feel - in which parts of Your body? Introspection allows you to see the situation from the other side of view.

  • Where has it happened and why. Might be there was a trigger for it, what made You want to act as an addicted person right now?

  • Destroy the automatism of the habit. For example if You are smoking, then use for it your left hand on find another way to make this process uncomfortable for you. Be aware when you smoke.

In the evenings, when You will read these marks, you will start to see the behaviour patterns. Now you must build your strategy, how to avoid addiction triggers and also find out, what helps you and start to use it.

If You know any other helpful tips, please share them with us!


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